Who can join ISAZ?

ISAZ offers several membership categories to ensure that anyone with an interest in the field of Anthrozoology – the study of human-animal interactions – can enjoy access to the most up-to-date information and scholarship from the field:

  • Scholars studying human-animal interactions can join as Individual Members;
  • Affiliate Members* status is open to anyone with an interest in the field;
  • Students can join as Student Members* however are entitled to only the online journal, not the print hard copy of the journal; and
  • Corporate Membership is open to charities, organizations, or companies that have an interest in the aims of the Society.

*Student and Affiliates do not have voting rights within the Society, but otherwise enjoy the same benefits as Individual Members.

Please note that submitting an application to ISAZ does not guarantee acceptance. New applicants are considered by the Membership Review Committee throughout the year, and are notified of its decision shortly thereafter. Applications are reviewed by the Membership Review Committee as time permits.

Benefits of joining ISAZ:

  • Six (6) issues per year of Anthrozoös; the leading journal on human-animal interactions and relationships;
  • Online access to the full back catalog of Anthrozoös;
  • Eligibility for membership in the ISAZ listserv;
  • Access to the Society’s annual membership directory;
  • Substantially reduced registration fees for all ISAZ conferences;

To learn more, please continue to explore the site or click here to download an informational brochure.


All ISAZ subscriptions run from January-December of the year in which an individual joins or renews. This reduces confusion about which issues of Anthrozoös a member is entitled to receive, as all members are entitled to the complete volume of Anthrozoös scheduled for publication during the year in which they joined or renewed.

Please be aware that even if you join as late as September, you will still need to renew and pay dues again in January. If you are submitting an application after September in any given year, your application will be held until December for processing for the following year.

Individual Membership
Affiliate Membership
Student Membership
Corporate Membership
Life Membership

Membership Applicants: Please DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY until you are notified of the status of your application.

Submitting an Application

Please email adm.manager@isaz.net with any membership-related questions.

Review the below membership categories to determine which type of membership you wish to apply for.

Individual Membership

Individual Membership is open to researchers currently or previously involved in conducting scholarly research within the broad field of human-animal interactions. To qualify for Individual Membership, evidence of scholarly research in the field must be provided with your application (e.g., a CV demonstrating authorship of articles that have been published in peer-reviewed academic journals), or you must be nominated by two existing Individual Members of the Society (Student and Affiliates cannot be listed as nominating members on applications for Individual Membership).

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate Membership is open to individuals who have an interest in the field of human-animal interactions, but who have not conducted scholarly research in the field. Affiliates receive all of the benefits of ISAZ membership, but do not have voting rights within the Society.

Student Membership

Student Membership is open to students who have an interest
in the field of human-animal interactions, but who may, or may not, have
conducted scholarly research in the field. According to the rules
of ISAZ, student applicants must provide proof of student status with their application, and must substantiate continued student status each year at renewal time.

Student Member status is limited to three years.

Acceptable means of substantiating student status include submitting one of the following:

  • Copy of current student ID card with effective dates; or
  • Copy of current semester’s course roster; or
  • Letter from dean, department head, or mentor written on university letterhead

Student Member receive most of the benefits of ISAZ membership, but
do not receive the hard copy print journal or have voting rights within the Society.

Graduating students are encouraged to apply for Individual Membership or to become an Affiliate, as appropriate.

Corporate Membership

Corporate membership is open to charities, organizations, or companies
that have an interest in the aims of the Society. When submitting an application for Corporate Membership, please include information that demonstrates how your organization relates to the field of human-animal interactions or to the mission of the International Society for Anthrozoology.

If your application is accepted, up to three members of the corporation
may receive the benefits of ISAZ membership, but only one member may
vote at any General Meeting attended. Corporate members cannot be elected to the Board of Directors, except in an ex-officio capacity.

Need to update your contact information?

Fill out the below form to update your contact information in the ISAZ records.

Membership Renewals and Payments

Taylor & Francis process membership and renewal payments for the Society. Renewal letters and invoices are sent directly from Taylor & Francis to all current ISAZ members. Once this renewal information has been received, members may remit payment by either method described below.

Renewal Payment Information

There are two options for remitting your renewal payments:

1.) Use the payment slip on the right hand side of the renewal invoice sent together with your renewal letter from Taylor & Francis, then select one of the 3 payment options listed on the invoice.

2.) Make your payment on Taylor & Francis website by providing your credit card details:

To pay your membership dues, select the “Society membership” tab and then click “ISAZ standard membership” when you visit the following link: https://www.tandfonline.com/pricing/journal/rfan20

(Please note, while this page says “Print only,” you will receive access to the online journal content.)

To prevent delays, paying online with a credit card is recommended.