Funding Opportunities

2022 Sponsorship For Human-Animal Bond Studies

The PURINA SPONSORSHIP FOR HUMAN-ANIMAL BOND STUDIES provides research funding to applicants affiliated with (but not limited to) universities, foundations, charities, and NGOs. Applicants may request up to $30,000 USD per proposal.  

Purina wishes to receive research proposals in the following areas: 

  1. Benefits of adopting shelter pets and of volunteering at pet shelters 
  2. Pet and human physical health and well-being 
  3. Pets and child/adult literacy 
  4. Animal-assisted therapy to destigmatize mental health 
  5. Pets in abusive relationships and the impact of allowing pets at domestic violence shelters 
  6. Therapy dogs and youth struggling with physical, emotional and mental challenges 
  7. Pets and youth:  self-awareness and empathy development, and stress and emotion management 
  8. Pets and post-traumatic stress disorders, phobias and anxiety 
  9. Using pets in counseling/therapy setting 
  10. Pets helping hospitalized patients and the homeless   

Application period open now until July 15th, 2021 | More Details Here