ISAZ 2017

Human-Animal Interconnections

June 22-25, 2017


Plenaries will address the roles of service dogs and other animals for children, as well as human-animal interactions with wildlife and cattle.



Satellite Session on June 26th

Effective Options regarding Spay or Neuter of Dogs


Satellite Session on June 27th

Animals Behaving Badly | Veterinary/Welfare Perspectives Improving Client Compliance


University of California, Davis

Davis, California USA



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As the ISAZ 2017 conference approaches, updates will periodically be posted in the NEWS section of the ISAZ website.

These updates will be a local’s perspective on the campus, how best to get around, things to do in town, etc.

Be sure to check in to learn more about the town of Davis in anticipation of the upcoming conference!



***Note to presenters: Podium presenters – presentations slots allow for 20 minute presentations with 5 minutes for questions. Poster presenters – posters can be a maximum of 4 feet wide by 6 feet tall, there are no minimums.





ISAZ 2018

July 2-5, 2018

The Charles Perkins Centre

University of Sydney, Australia





Nestlé Purina and the International Fund for Animal Welfare have generously provided funding to allow the continued online publication of posters presented at ISAZ annual conferences.


The posters can be viewed at the ISAZ Online Poster Session.





Abstracts and proceedings (where available) can viewed by clicking the title of the conference.



ISAZ 2016

Exploring Human-Animal Interactions: A multidisciplinary approach from behavioral and social sciences

Barcelona, Spain

ISAZ 2016 Conference Website



ISAZ 2015

Topics in Human-Animal Interactions: Significance in history and for the future

Saratoga Springs, New York



ISAZ 2014

Animals and Humans together: Integration in Society

Vienna, Austria, 2014

ISAZ 2014 Conference Website



ISAZ 2013

Evidence-based Approaches to the Study of Human-Animal Interactions

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Program and Abstracts (pdf)



ISAZ 2012

Arts and Sciences of Human-Animal Interactions

Murray Edwards College, Cambridge, UK

Abstracts (pdf)



ISAZ 2011

Human-Animal Interactons: Challenges and Rewards

Indianapolis, Indiana

ISAZ 20th Anniversary powerpoint (pdf)



ISAZ 2010

Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Human-Animal Interactions

Stockholm, Sweden



ISAZ 2009

Human-Animal Interaction: Impacting Multiple Species

Kansas City, Missouri, USA



ISAZ 2008

Human Animal Bond: Theory, Research & Practice

Toronto, Ontario, Canada



ISAZ 2007

The Power of Animals: Approaches to Identifying New Roles for Animals in Society

Tokyo, Japan



ISAZ 2006

The Importance of Attitudes, Values, and Economics on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals

Barcelona, Spain



ISAZ 2005

Exploring Human-Animal Relationships

Niagara Falls, New York, USA



ISAZ 2004

Advances in the Science and Application of Animal Training

Glasgow, Scotland, UK

In conjunction with UFAW, satellite meeting to IAHAIO 2004



ISAZ 2003

The Social Lives of Animals: Human/Non-human Cognition, Interactions, Relationships

Kent State University

Canton, Ohio, USA

Held sequentially with

NILAS, Nature in Legend and Story



ISAZ 2002

Animal Arenas: Spaces, Performances and Exhibitions

University College

London, UK



ISAZ 2001

Human-Animal Conflict: Exploring the Relationships with Conflict Between Humans and Other Animals

University of California – Davis

Davis, California, USA

Held sequentially with the conferences of NILAS (Nature in Legend and Story) and ISAE (International Society for Applied Ethology)



ISAZ 2000

Issues in Companion Animal Welfare

Amsterdam, The Netherlands



ISAZ 1999

Men, Women and Animals: The Influence of Gender on Our Relations with Animals and Nature

University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA



ISAZ 1998

Human-Companion Animal Communication: Understandings and Misunderstandings

Prague, Czech Republic



ISAZ 1997

International Society for AnthroZoology

Tufts University

Boston, USA



ISAZ 1996

The Animal Contract: Exploring the Relationships Between Humans and Other Animals

Downing College,

Cambridge University

Cambridge, UK



ISAZ 1995

Cultural & Historical Perspectives on Human-Animal Interactions

Geneva, Switzerland



ISAZ 1994

International Society for Anthrozoology

New York, New York, USA



ISAZ 1993

Ethological and Behavioral Approaches to the Study of Human-Animal Interactions

University of California – Davis

Davis, California, USA



ISAZ 1992

Methodologies in Anthrozoologial Research

Montreal, Quebec, Canada